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Miss Murder
Current Residence: Behind you.
MP3 player of choice: As long as it plays music, I don't really care.
Personal Quote: "I'd rahter be hated for who I am, then loved for who I'm not." -Kurt Cobain
  • Listening to: River Below - Billy Talent
  • Reading: What I just wrote
  • Watching: The computer screen.
  • Playing: With my fingers. They BEND!
  • Eating: Fried Chickpeas
  • Drinking: Milk!
Stolen from Miss-Souris, because I can.

1.) List Four fandoms you have.
Harry Potter, Eragon, Bartimeaus Trilogy, and LORD OF THE RINGS! (Yay for gay hobbit love! <3 )

2.) Have you ever slept in the back of a car?
I sleep everywhere. I'm a nocturnal person.

3.) Have you recently dyed you're hair/cut it?
Not exactly. I did chop off all my hair a few months ago, though.

4.) List Four people that you look up to the most.
Uhmm... ... ... ... ...
I'll get back to you on that.

5.) How many pets do you own as of now?
One dog and a pet emo kid I bought at the mall named Timmy.

6.) Which do you prefer white or black?

7.) Who is your most played character?
I'm assuming this means roleyplaying, so...Towards! The only character I've ever roleplayed! xD

8.) Choose one or the other, not both:
-->Beng stuck on an island with your best friend
-->Being stuck on an island with 5 aquaintences

Five people would be better then one other person, because that way you could do more work, throw cocanuts at them, and form a cannibalistic society in which I would be the queen - perhaps with a shmexy guy aquaintence? (One must hope.) Plus you could eat the weak ones when you get hungry. :P

9.) Name three aspects that tell who you are.
Imaginative, intellegent, and bordering on insanity.

10.) If you could have a power what would it be?
Ooooh. Can I make a list? I shall make a list. Nobody can stop me. MUAHAHA.

1. To explode things with my mind.
2. To be able to talk to my characters and have tea with them.
3. To be Spiderman.
4. To make trees grow.
5. To have a daemon, like in the Golden Compass by Philip Pullman.  

11.) Who was the last person you talked to?
Catherine walking home from school. I said, "Catherine's a gangster!" and then ran around.

12.) Who was the last person you said "I love you" to?
To Sarah R. I said something retarded and then said, "Don't worry, I still love you."

13.) Write down the first five words that pop into your head.

14.) What's one thing you wish you could do better?
Walk in high heels. Last time I tried both heels went snap.

15.) Do you like the way you are?
I wish I was more outgoing with strangers, but other then that, I like myself fine.

16.) Choose, Summer or Winter?
Since it's winter right now, I choose SUMMER.

17.) Choose Rain or snow.

18.) Water or ice?

19.) List two odd things about yourself:
1. The sadder I am, the more hyper I get.
2. I never bring a lunch to school, I only steal from my friends.

20.) now, can you tag four people?
Do I look like I know four people?!

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